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~*~MoRe AbOuT mE~*~
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Here are some quotes i like alot that i have found on the web:


Roll Roll Roll Your Joint,

Lite It Up And Take Puff,

Pass It To Your Friend,

Whoz Sittin' On Yo' Left!

Stoners live and stoners die

but in the end we all get high

so if in life you dont succed

say fuck it all and smoke some weed!


Peace pot smoke alot jesus loves u stoned or not


Before I started doing drugs, I had so many problems. Now I only have one, drugs. It's given my life real focus.

People trust

people lie

that's the reason I'm FUCKING high


I was here but now I'm not i just ran off to smoke some pot if your here when i get back I might have a bowl to pack


Roll, roll, roll your weed.
Pick out the seeds and stems.
Merrily, merrily, light that bi*ch up...again!


If da ocean waz weed
and i waz a duck
id swim 2 da bottom
& smoke my way up
but da ocean aint weed
& i aint a duck
so pass me da bong
& shut da fuck up!!!


You can take a puff
Or you can take a hit
But whatever you do
You better smoke this shit


Hickory dikory dock,
the kids went to smoke some pot,
when they were done they had some fun,
and now look what they got,
they have some kids,
and a warrant out too,
and they still smoke, just like you.

Peace, pot ,tequilla shot
jesus loves u stoned or not
sex, drugs, rock n roll
speed, weed, birthcontrol
Party hardy, drink bacardi
smoke a bowl n have a party
smirnoffs good, sex is heaven
were the class of 2007

WHy dRiNk nD dRiVe
wEn YoU cAn SmOke AnD fLy
cOme On pPL yOu wAnNa TOuCh Da Ski?
GrAb A bLuNt Nd LeTs GeT hiGh!



***....I Finally Drank Away My Pain
I Could Never Get Drunk Enough
Drink Away His Memories...***

There's better things than to sit on your ass, find a fuckin bowl and hit it fast...


WARNING: Passing & Puffin In Progress!!


A friend with weed is a friend indeed!!


Treat me like the Princess that I am give me all your weed.


Roll roll roll ur blunt twist it at the end, light light take a puff pass it to a friend.


Party hardy Rock and Roll,
Smoke a joint to sooth the soul,
And if a joint just ain't your thing,
Crank the tunes till your ears ring!

Marijuana..... Don't knock it till you've tried it...


We are stoners , we have class, mess with us, w?ll kick your ass. For all you preps that think you may be cool, just remember stoners rule!




I WaSnT bOrN a Bi+cH,
mEn LiKe YoU mAdE mE tHaT wAy...


I was here but now i'm not, i went outside to smoke my pot. if your stupied heres my point life aint shit without a joint.


Drink a keg
smoke a bowl
party hard
f*(k the preps
who think their cool
f*(k'em all cause


~I musta been high?~

"Take me home.."

Me and Justin
This is a pic of me and my brother Justin